Movavi Gecata Crack 6.1.2 + Activation Key [Pre Activated]

Movavi Gecata Crack is a great game recording tool. It’s lightweight and free. The program uses your graphics card’s memory to record your game without lags. It records HD video with minimal fuss. This game recording software works on Windows 10 and works with a variety of popular games. It is available from the online software marketplace, Softvire NZ. Here’s a quick review of the software. Gecata by Movavi allows you to record full screen interactions at 60 frames per second and save them in MP4 video. It also allows you to capture webcam videos and audio. This allows you to communicate with your viewers and add comments during your game. You can also upload your game videos to YouTube.

Movavi Gecata Crack Download

The Gecata game recording program is designed to be easy to use, yet provides all the features you need. It offers an integrated microphone control that lets you record game sound effects and dialogue. It also lets you overlay webcam video onto your game footage. You can also record in-game sound effects, dialogue, and music. Adding commentary can help you add a personal touch to your videos. Movavi Gecata Activation Key 6.1.2 Crack is the most innovative software the company has ever introduced. It features an extremely user-friendly interface, so most computer literate users won’t need any training to use this new version. Its shortcut keys make it easier to navigate and it works on all versions of Windows and Mac.

Another major feature of the Gecata software is the ability to capture game video in HD. This feature of the video editing program allows you to remove bloopers. It supports various codecs and can record 4K video at 120 frames per second. Additionally, it also saves audio streams separately. Movavi Gecata also features a feature that can automatically upload your video to YouTube. It’s easy to record your gameplay, and you can edit and share it with friends. The free version of the software is compatible with most devices. Another great feature of this game capture software is the ability to capture sound with two-way audio. With this feature, you can comment on gameplay with the help of the voiceover.

Movavi Gecata Activation Key Download

Movavi Gecata supports all major games, including World of Warcraft, Roblox, and Minecraft. It even supports streaming on Twitch and YouTube. You can share your gameplay with friends with no lags. You can also add webcam footage to your gameplay videos. This game recording software is easy to use and supports multiple microphones. Movavi Game Capture records full screen video game gameplay at 60 frames per second. It records everything that happens on the screen and saves it in multiple formats. You can also upload your recorded game videos to YouTube or Facebook. The Movavi Game Capture software is compatible with Windows and Mac. It can also convert your captured game movies to a variety of mobile video formats. If you’re a gamer, Movavi Game Capture is the perfect tool for you.


  • Pick Your Gun: Are you a League of Legends diehard, or a GTA V geek? We’ve tested Gecata with all the major titles – from Minecraft to Battlefield 4, from Roblox to World of Warcraft. Download the program today and start rocking YouTube and Twitch with your streams, game reviews, Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, and m-m-m-monster kills.
  • Record While Streaming: With the Gecata streaming program, you can stream and record at the same time, so your videos can be available to anyone who missed your livestreams.
  • You Play, It Records: Streaming and making game videos with our screen capture software is super easy – start capturing with one click and use hotkeys to control the recording without leaving the game.
  • Smile, We’re Shooting: Want your YouTube subscribers to see your rage face IRL while you’re mowing down enemies in a shooter? Gecata lets you overlay webcam video onto the game footage.
  • Let Your Game Speak: Capture in-game sound effects, music, and dialogue to immerse viewers in the world of the game. Turn on your mic to liven up your footage with jokes and comments.
  • Two-Way Sound Capture: Save audio streams separately so you can easily edit out bloopers without affecting the game sounds.
  • Hardware Acceleration: Use NVIDIA® NVENC and Intel® HD Graphics hardware acceleration to encode your video up to 400% faster.


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