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The Modules theme includes four custom page templates that you can use for different purposes on your site. Each page template has a unique design. The default template displays the content and the sidebar on the left side of the screen. You can also choose to display the Featured Image of WordPress in the page title. The fullwidth content template displays the entire content of the page. In addition, Modules is compatible with several widgetized areas in WordPress, including your sidebar.

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The Modules theme supports any type of content you want to showcase. You can use the standard post to include videos and galleries. The theme automatically shows these content in the same way on all devices, which makes it extremely versatile. It does not rely on custom fields and uses the content in posts to display special content. Unlike many other themes, it doesn’t care where the special content is placed on the page. It will display it in an attractive and well-organized manner.

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Advertising is simple with Modules. You don’t have to learn CSS or jQuery, as the theme comes with a built-in advertising control panel. The theme’s advertising section can be found in the Theme Options and includes sections for each ad location. In each section, you can upload an ad banner and set the target. You can also choose to display the banner on the same page or on a new one.

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Advertisement placement is easy with Modules. Unlike other themes, Modules supports any type of content you can think of. You can include videos, galleries, and other content in Standard posts. The module will display these beautifully. It does not use custom fields to display the content, and the ad will open in a new browser tab unless you select a “Blank” option. This feature is important if you want to increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

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Modules offers support for virtually any kind of content. Its standard posts can contain videos, galleries, and other media. It displays this content in a beautiful, elegant and functional way. You can easily import individual pages with the Artisan Pages plugin, and it also supports the Advanced Styles plugin. You can also upload your logo images for retina screens. You can use any type of content with Modules. There are no restrictions.The Modules theme has two advertising widgets. You can use one in any widgetized area. The other is for the header banner. The modules theme is a perfect choice for both personal and professional websites. The advertising widgets can be easily customized. In addition to the standard posts, Modules has several additional features. There is a module for every type of content. It comes with two advertising widgets. You can also customize the layout with the plugin.

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The Modules theme supports ads with the use of its built-in transients cache system. This means that you can use any type of content to promote your products or services. It also supports the Gallery and Video widgets. Moreover, this theme also supports ad placements in other widgetized areas. You can add the portfolio widgets in any location on your site. It supports various types of media, and it also allows you to place videos, images, and other media on the sidebar.This theme is very flexible and works well with any type of content. You can use video, gallery, and other special content on your site. The layout of the theme is completely customizable and the banners and images on the sidebar can be changed according to your needs. The header banner should be 728px by 90px in size. The two-column widgets should be square shaped to display the logo and images properly.

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The Modules theme is a great choice for those who want to use advertising to promote their products and services. It supports all types of content, from standard posts to videos and galleries. The modules theme provides a beautiful presentation of your content. Its user-friendly layout is compatible with retina-screens and is compatible with all major browsers. This theme comes with two advertising widgets: the first is called Quadro Ads.

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