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Light Image Resizer Crack is an image resizing software allows you to resize an image or a group of images with just a few clicks. In various circumstances while we are working on different type of projects like designing websites, creating banner images, then we need perfect images at equal size so that they look professional. Drag the images you want to resize into the window, select the output file property settings, and process the image. Add effects, like sepia, or you can add watermark. Light Image Resizer Serial Key makes it easy to resize large digital photos, which are usually too large to upload to a social network. Users can apply various effects to the picture they want to resize. They can apply a watermark, add a frame, change the color, and even apply a sepia effect. The software will also convert the image to a more readable format that can be emailed or saved to a CD. In addition, the program will copy metadata to the image, so it will remain the same date and time.

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It is a best photo manager and organizer that quickly solve your image related issues within couple of clicks. Create collages and convert images, photos and images with ObviousIdea’s lightweight image resizing and converting software. It is a highly powerful software that can resize hundreds of images within no time. Images can be mass edited by applying profiles. You can add your own watermark to protect your work or add copyright to photos with html-like text formatting and transparency support. Modify the images by converting them to sepia or adding a border. You can preview files before getting final results. Simply right click to resize images as copies or continue working on originals. Share resized images and collages online with friends.

Use Light Image Resizer License Key to resize photos. Batch Image Converter can easily convert your images to various formats. In addition, select your output resolution, resize the original or create a copy, move and / or rename files or compress, choose a specific destination for your processed images. You can work on individual photos or edit a large number of images just by performing a batch resize. ObviousIdea Photo Resizer / Picture Resizer works on files, subfolders and folders, and supports RAW formats. With built-in multi-core support, you can convert images even faster. Finally, download and install the application easily from Windows Shell Explorer with right click on the image or folder. If you have a large number of pictures and want to improve the size, brightness, contrast, and color of the image, Light Image Resizer is an excellent choice. The program features an easy learning curve and a variety of customization options. It can resize and crop multiple graphic files. The application allows you to adjust the image’s resolution, color, and frame, and it is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is free to download and install, so it is a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves to take photos.

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Users can use Light Image Resizer to convert and resize photos. The program supports a wide range of image formats. In addition, it lets you insert a watermark, change the color, and apply a sepia effect. It also helps you save disk space by resizing your pictures in an email-friendly format. Best of all, it allows you to keep the original picture quality and date. With its user-friendly interface, Light Images Resizer is a must-have for anyone who uses a computer. Developed in 2011, Light Image Resizer is an easy-to-use image resizer that allows users to organize their photos. Its resizing feature is a great way to save disk space and email photos, and it allows users to add a watermark to their pictures. This app also has an easy-to-use interface and supports a wide range of file formats. A good photo resizer will keep the original picture’s date and metadata. You can even apply effects to the images, including a watermark, inverting the colors, applying a sepia color effect, or adding a frame. You can even choose to keep the date and metadata of the photo.

This free program allows you to resize and convert your photos. It supports a wide range of image formats. You can choose to use different presets to achieve the best result. Its interface is simple, but it’s very powerful. The software features a wide variety of image settings and can be used with various applications. Its user-friendly interface is easy to learn and uses intuitive resizing tools. The software is compatible with a variety of formats, including JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. This program is one of the best resizers available for Windows. It supports a variety of image formats, including JPG and PNG. It can also add a watermark, apply sepia color effect, or convert the picture to grayscale. Many users also find this application useful for converting photos to other formats. The program is easy to use, and will make your photos look great. You’ll love it!

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With Light Image Resizer, you can apply a variety of effects to your photos. You can add a frame, insert a watermark, or apply a sepia color effect. You can also copy metadata and keep the date of your images. These features are an essential feature of Light Image Resizer, but it is not as versatile as Photoshop. You can save your favorite images as a TIFF, JPG, or PNG file. This software allows you to resize, convert, and edit photos. It is a powerful image resizing tool for Windows that supports a wide range of image formats. It can also be used to resize and crop multiple images. Its user interface is simple but powerful. The user interface of Light Image Resizer is very easy to understand. You can use it to organize a large number of photos. And because it supports several popular file formats, you can use it in the most diverse ways. Light Image Resizer is an excellent software for resizing images. It allows you to resize a group of pictures. You can select the resizing options for each individual image.


  • Resize images, resize images and resize photos – compress, convert and easily create copies
  • Create stunning collage layouts for social media with just a few clicks
  • Resize and convert multiple images at once
  • Create images that are easy to email or use for web publishing (optionally with optimized compression)
  • Order, rename or add watermark to protect your images from theft
  • Choose from a wide range of preset profiles (such as iPhone, HDTV, email) or create your own
  • Easily convert between image formats (eg, JPEG to PNG or vice versa)
  • Shell integration to add your favorite profiles directly to the Windows context menu
  • Create PDF documents from your images
  • Create awesome social media collage layouts in just a few clicks

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