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HyperCam Crack captures the action of the Windows screen and saves it to an AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) video file. The sound of your system’s microphone is also recorded. Note that HyperCam is not designed to re-record other video clips from the screen (e.g. play in Media Player, RealVideo, QuickTime, etc.), but to create regular software presentations, tutorials, demos, etc. Try to re-record other video clips. HyperCam Serial Key 6.1.2006.05 Crack is an advanced utility to capture screen actions and save them as MP4, AVI or WMV / ASF files.

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Therefore, HyperCam Pro Crack can be used to get movie or game, to record Skype calls, and has also been seen as a phenomenal tool for doing video presentations, teaching exercises or demos. Sleek, automatic and easy-to-use interface, pre-characterized shortcut keys for recording activities, work in video editing manager, powerful work process for content notes, extensive settings, command line interface can fit into compact devices, small store size and more than reasonable cost which makes HyperCam 6.1.2006.05 Crack a must have gadget.

HyperCam License Key 6 Crack is a program that captures the activities performed on the screen and saves them as video documents in AVI position. Therefore, Hyper did not intend to re-record recordings posted to the screen (for example, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or QuickTime), but may instead do programming introductions, instructional exercises. , exhibitions, pivots, etc. used at an expert level. Hyper offers many other console methods to start capturing, delaying, and capturing singular edges. On the other hand, a selective tracking technique allows the capture zone to follow the evolutions of the mouse pointer. Finally, the customer has the special reward of various alternatives for video pressure.



  • VC-HDPA-3B3050FF56-783D2DFFD7-A42E7FF17C


  • Automatic file names for snapshots
  • Capture audio from different inputs
  • Customizable starbursts by mouse click
  • Follow the area to the mouse pointer
  • Frame rate, compression and keyframe
  • Integrated playback and editor
  • Mouse pointer, saved shape
  • Various audio compression options
  • Multiple video compression
  • Contextual text annotations
  • Portable installation mode
  • Precision visual screen area
  • Recorded mouse click sound
  • Recording screen activities
  • Video recording in overlay mode
  • Sound recording quality options
  • Support AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4 files
  • Support for recording keyboard shortcuts
  • User friendly interface
  • Windows multimedia codec support

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