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The Divi Toolbox is an excellent extension for the Divi theme. It has thousands of options and is perfect for creating custom websites. This add-on comes with nine custom layouts that you can easily customize. Some of the layouts include a writer box, related posts, and next/previous post navigation. The features available in the toolbox will make it easy to create a beautiful website. This Divi plugin will allow you to change the look of any section of your site in minutes.

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Among the numerous features available in the Divi Toolbox are the ability to customize the header and footer, customize individual elements, and modify global site settings. The customization options include the mobile menu, the header, and the post pages. The feature of customizing the header is particularly useful for users of mobile devices. The feature enables users to replace the default Pin Icon with a unique icon. This option will also allow you to change the logo for the mobile menu.

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One of the most useful Divi Toolbox features is the ability to customize individual elements. These elements can be placed anywhere on your site, from the navigation bar to the header. There are also dozens of custom layouts that you can use to make changes to the look of your entire site. The Divi Toolbox can save you hours of work. You can use the plugin to apply your desired changes to your entire website without the need to learn a whole new theme. The Divi Toolbox also comes with nine different pre-defined layouts. These can help you create custom blog page and single post layouts. You can also add animation styles to the menu items and turn the menu link into a call to action button. In addition, you can customize the sidebar and dropdown menu. You can even insert a logo into your navigation bar. In addition, the plugin allows you to easily add social sharing buttons.

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Another Divi Toolbox feature is the ability to customize the header, footer, and sidebar. You can add a custom author box to each post, and customize the background particle effect of the header and sidebar. In addition to these, you can also use the Divi Toolbox to add related posts. The best part is that you can use Divi Toolbox to create different types of popups for your site. You can even customize the font size of your header and sidebar. The Divi Toolbox also lets you customize individual elements such as the header and logo. You can also edit individual elements in the menu and customise the logo. The Divi Toolbox also allows you to add a mobile menu. This add-on is especially useful for websites that have multiple authors. It is also great for personalizing articles. The Divi Toolbox is compatible with most popular browsers. This theme provides you with more customization options than any other plugin in the market.

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The Divi Toolbox provides users with the ability to customize the header and sidebar of their site. You can also use it to customize the mobile menu. This plugin allows you to add a custom author box, as well as a featured image for each post. The advanced Custom Types plugin helps you set global button styles for your site. The advanced Toolbox features nine custom layouts and is perfect for all kinds of websites. You can change the layout of your menu by using the Divi Toolbox. This plugin lets you customize various elements in your website. You can easily customize the header and footer. It has nine layouts and will help you customize the look of your site. You can change the logo and header, as well as the background color and font of your content. The toolbox also lets you change the title and the text. This is useful for displaying articles on a homepage. You can even use it for different kinds of content.

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The Divi Toolbox also lets you change the logo and header on your website. You can also change the logo of your post using the toolbox. The menu has more options for changing colors. You can also customize the content and images of your posts. It offers various customizations for your content. You can add extra social icons in your menu and make your site look more professional. You can make your header and footer look more attractive. It will help your visitors easily navigate your website.

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