Atlantis Word Processor Crack 4.1 + Serial Key Full [Activated]

Atlantis Word Processor Crack WordPad might be the word processors that are packed by default in all Windows flavors, yet they have long stopped sufficient for day-to-day needs of expert users. There are many third-party alternatives you can try, and is one of them. The first time you run this application, you get asked if you want to spend some time to modify its GUI to your liking.

Atlantis Word Processor Crack With Free Download

Atlantis Word Processor Serial Key choose between classic toolbars or tool bands, adjust the icons’ size and their spacing, hide or show several additional toolbars. You can preview these changes in real-time, thus helping you come up with a GUI perfectly tailored to your own tastes for creating text documents or editing existing ones (TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, COD, WRI).

Just like other similar tools, once you select a block of text, you can change its formatting to italic, bold, underline or strikethrough, modify the lettercase, while also tampering with the colors of the font and of the highlight.

Atlantis Word Processor Crack With Free Serial Key

You can also choose a different font type or heading, depending on your necessities. When you are satisfied with your document, you can either save it as TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX or COD, or you can export it to EPUB and create an e-book. You can also save it as a web page or a ZIP archive, then send it via email without leaving Atlantis Word Processor.

A nifty function is converting multiple documents from one format to another in a single operation. In a nutshell, Atlantis Word Processor is a feature-packed utility that can meet the needs of both professional and beginner writers. Due to its highly customizable GUI, everyone can create an environment they feel comfortable in so they can focus on their projects.


  • Documentation preparation and structuring are simple with selection of expandable and configurable documentation designs and standard communications.
  • For seasoned players, comprehensive formatting assistance is provided.
  • Of obviously, many conventional typefaces and structuring functions are available.
  • Accommodate upwards of 20 entries.
  • Panels could stand manual mode broken up into syllables.
  • To partition the content into many pieces, everyone with their unique sheet characteristics, users could build magazine articles.
  • For advantage of smart and modifying the color of the typeface, it features two visual configuration options. Like such a watercolor, users would utilize a single move cursor to arrange the letters.
  • The standard color scheme and paintbrush are cutting-edge way for customizing documents.
  • Another of elements on Atlantis center console is format selection.
  • An international software application can assist users in writing flawless texts.
  • Atlantis gains distinctive qualities because to the special tool Dynamic Typing.
  • If imaginative authors desire their writings to just be fascinating or entertaining to consume, authors should minimize redundancy and stereotypes by overusing the keyword purpose.

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