Astra Image Crack & Serial Key (Direct Download Link)

Astra Image Crack gives you everything you need to make your images sharper, clearer and more striking. With a clean, easy-to-use design and intuitive tools, you’ll be taking better photos in no time. You want your photos to be crisp and clear. Astra Image can help you do this. Easily enhance your images with deconvolution, multiscale processing, denoising, and more. Astra Image gives you seven different types of deconvolution and highly customizable blur cores so that you can easily produce sharp images even with motion blur. You also get advanced noise cancellation and sound cancellation.

Remove Focus BlurSharpen and restore your images with Astra Image Serial Key ‘s extensive set of deconvolution tools. Emphasize every detail with Astra Image’s amazing multiscale contrast tool. Powerful non-linear adjustments. From simple to advanced, Astra Image License Key ‘s easy-to-use professional adjustment tools will help you take amazing photos. With multizone exposure, contrast and tone, color and more. Color and luminance can be removed separately, allowing you to tailor the exact noise of your photo. Astra Image goes beyond the “surface blur” tool and features full filtering with edge recognition. This not only gives you more control, but also a lot better smoothing.


  • Remove focus blur
  • Advanced deconvolution for sharpening
  • Wave sharpening
  • Multi-scale contrast adjustment
  • Super contrast
  • Multi-scale sharpening
  • Multi-zone tone adjustment
  • Advanced brightness, contrast and exposure
  • Simple and advanced tone mapping
  • Noise removal preserving edges
  • Color balance and temperature adjustment
  • Color channel mixer
  • Advanced whitening
  • Correction of lens distortion
  • RGB and LRGB combination
  • Adaptive filtering
  • Convolution filtering
  • Mathematics of pixels
  • Advanced image statistics

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