Active Disk Image 11.0 Crack + Serial Key Full Download (Final)

Active Disk Image Crack is a great way to create a copy of your disk partition state. This software will allow you to install the copy on another computer or resurrect a failed partition. If you have multiple hard drives or partitions, you can create an ISO image of each for each device and backup all the files and folders on them. Then you can restore the image to the original state if needed. Besides Active@ Disk Image, there are several disk cloning software packages on the market. Some are meant for personal use, while others are designed for businesses and enterprises. The different licenses offer different levels of functionality and cost. You can purchase a Standard or a Professional license for the software.

Active Disk Image Crack Download

It will create images of selected partitions on your hard drive or the entire disk. Unlike file-oriented systems, this tool will create an image of every single occupied sector of your hard drive. This makes it much more convenient than archiving files individually, which can leave you with duplicates of important files. The program also features an easy-to-use partition manager and a free version for educational purposes. Active Disk Image Key offers ticket and email support. The company is based in Canada, and the phone number does not show up on the website. If you need help, you can visit the FAQ page. It does not search for questions, but it provides you with a summary of frequently asked questions. In addition, Active@ Disk Image is compatible with a number of operating systems and disk management software. These solutions are aimed at ensuring the data integrity of your files.

It offers customer support through email or ticket. The company is based in Canada, and the website does not provide information about its phone hours. In addition to email and ticket support, Active Disk Image Serial Key supports incremental backups. However, it has no dedicated help desk. Using this software for disk archiving can help protect your data. You can even create a full hard drive image and store it on a USB drive. Active@ Disk Image also offers technical support via email or ticket. This software is licensed for home and business use, and is available in both free and paid versions.

Active Disk Image Key Free Download

The software is a great option if you have lots of important files that you need to keep safe. It can create exact copies of PC disks and USB drives. If you’re concerned about the safety of your data, this is a great choice for backup, upgrade, or disk duplication. There are many reasons to create a disk image and this software is an excellent choice. Active@ Disk Image offers email, ticket, and phone support. The software offers both free and paid versions. The free version is intended for home users, but it is not free for business use. In addition, the software isn’t compatible with NTFS-compatible devices.

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A few other popular disk image management programs are available for home and business use. They include Lazesoft’s Disk Image & Clone Home Edition and Roadkil’s DiskImage, which have good reviews. The Active@ Disk Image PC disk image software creates an exact copy of any PC disk and saves it in a folder. It’s great for backups and PC upgrades. You can use the backup images to restore your computer’s system, files, and applications. In addition, the software supports Windows Servers, RAID, and raw disk images. Additionally, it supports encryption and is compatible with RAID. You’ll need to install a free trial before installing the product.

Active Disk Image Serial Key Free

Although reinstalling the operating system takes around 10 to 15 minutes with modern operating systems and hardware, it is still a big headache when you have to reinstall all of your programs from scratch and it can take a lot longer. long than a simple reinstallation of the operating system. This also applies if you plan to install the same operating system and applications on your second computer, which as you can imagine can take forever. With all that in mind, LSoft Technologies offers Active @ Disk Image Serial Key, a tool that can copy and preserve the state of your partition and allow you to install it later on another computer or resuscitate it on the old one. . Please note that after a catastrophic failure of my XP machine, I was able to create a bootable disk on my Windows 7 machine and successfully restore the full drive from a previous backup to an external drive.



  • Back up an entire computer.
  • Backup system and hard drives, clone drives, and full drives.
  • Brand new file-based backup: Backup and restore individual files and folders.
  • Direct creation of VHDs.
  • Monitor and warn of safety hazards.
  • Incremental / Differential Backup – Backup changes only.
  • Quickly recover files, folders, and drives.
  • System Restore on various hardware (M.I.R.).
  • Create a Windows Boot system directly from the driver integration program.
  • Plug-and-play: Selected files and folders are automatically backed up and synced.
  • Back up your drive (attachments because it has expired).
  • Ability to set specific times for regular backups.
  • Turn on the disc: album, DVD, USB flash drive.
  • Back up graphics drives and print raw discs.
  • Active Disk Image Activation Key makes an exact copy of all PC disks:
  • Release Note: v.10 (November 24, 2020)

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