Easybits Magic Desktop Crack provides a safe and enjoyable environment in which kids can learn about computers at their own speed. The child-friendly design is perfect for small hands, and our full collection of programs keep kids’ minds engaged and entertained. Magic Desktop Full Crack includes an amazing collection of games for kids, drawing and photograph tools, and Web-based content, with new updates every month!

With a more inviting interface for parents, and enhanced visual themes, the app will appear more natural when used on Windows systems that are fully compatible with the OS. It is fully designed for tablets with small screens that have full support for touch screens – less clicks to move around. With the introduction of a virtual keyboard that can be easily summoned via your taskbar, you’ll be able to effortlessly write without having to install hardware or software add-ons. Additionally, your parental controls have been carefully created to help you throughout the process in establishing your parental Control effectively and in accordance to your particular requirements.

Simplebits Magic Desktop Key Features:
The most secure browser
My First Browser offers the most secure child’s Internet browser available! Choose your preferred kid-friendly websites , and permit navigation on only sites that are approved by your parents.
Parental Control
You can control not just which programs your child can access, but also the time and how they access the authorized programs. With the “No homework-no play!” focus, technology can be your new most trusted companion.
Computer Protection
Magic Desktop safeguards important system settings and data files from interference. This ensures that your computer remains in top condition.
Kids Love it!
Children are entertained while learning through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Millions of children Magic Desktop daily users can’t be right.
Parents appreciate the peace of mind that the The Magic Desktop gives, and no worries about accidents or files being deleted from the PC for the family.
The Most Secure Web
Make sure your children’s eyes are safe by managing the Internet for parents. Magic Desktop offers fresh updates of content for children each month.
Early Learning
Give your child an advantage by showing your child about computers and encouraging their exploration. Magic Desktop is suitable for children from toddlers to.
Let Creativity Flow
Offer a wide range of creative tools that allow children to develop their talents and share their work with their family and friends.
Family Fun
Magic Desktop gives you endless hours of entertainment for the whole family or for just one. Get the entire family together for laughter, adventure and excitement.

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